Business Intelligence Services

Data Warehousing (DW)

Envika’s DW solutions help businesses consolidate relevant qualified information from disparate sources in a singular data repository while facilitating quick actionable insights with the support of data visualization tools. The solutions provide in-built scalability for handling complex analytical workloads and voluminous data.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Envika’s BI solutions come with technology-agnostic capabilities, allowing 100% compatibility across applications. This comprehensive suite of BI tools provide innumerable business insights from a single dashboard for faster and more informed decision making. It optimizes performance and provides end-to-end analytical activity for better comprehension.

Envika’s BI service uses popular Data Visualisation tools like IBM Cognos, Tableau, and Oracle BIEE to derive intelligence-in-a-snapshot from complex organizational data. With competent, trained and certified set of BI Professionals and its Partners in UK and India, Envika has delivered success stories across multiple domains like Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail & Logistics, Telecom and Local Government.

Envika’s Data Warehousing/ BI Services:

  1. Consulting: From ideation to implementation, Envika helps derive value from Big Data using integration tools such as Hadoop, MongoDB, Talend, Pentaho, etc.

    Envika’s pool of consultants have been responsible for implementing Pacakaged Business Intelligence Applications like Oracle Financial Analytics (OFA), Oracle Human Resource Analytics, Oracle Procurement and Spend Analytics,Oracle Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics,Oracle Project Analytics.

    Envika has also helped it’s clients to get complete set of efficient Reporting from SAAS solutions like Oracle Fusion Cloud Offering using tools like OTBI, BIP, FRC, FRS and Smart view

  2. Data Integration & Migration Services: Envika’s Data Integration solutions integrate silos and check for duplications before integrating new data into the system. Envika has successfully executed highly complex engagements across multiple industries using industry leading tools such as Informatica, Oracle Data Integrator, IBM InfoSphere DataStage, Talend, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, etc.

    Envika’s extensive Data Integration services span ETL, Big Data and enterprise content integrations, BI platform, and unstructured data handling. With a team of highly skilled professionals and architects, the company has serviced multiple clients globally.

  3. Data Warehouse : Envika helps its clients build Enterprise level Data Warehouses and departmental Data Marts by utilizing structured data along with their industry standard implementation methodologies.In addition, Envika brings rich experience in creating a client-specific, customized Logical Data Model to suit specific business requirements.

    Keeping pace with the latest market trends where unstructured data from varying sources such as social media form a core base, Envika offers robust Data Lake solutions.

  4. Data Visualization : By deploying Envika’s Data Visualization solutions, businesses are able to perform multi-dimensional data analyses to gauge customer trends, react proactively to market demands, and increase business productivity. Oracle Business Intelligence, IBM Cognos, Tableau, Microsoft BI, Microsoft SharePoint Reporting Services are some of the leading tools that are used to deliver this service.
  5. BI/DW Sustenance Services: Envika helps its clients in sustaining their BI/DW investments by providing support/enhancement services. This could be in a simple form like maintaining the business MIS reporting environment or even complex migrations. The company delivers the services through strong SLA regimes and delivers the best end-user experience.

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