Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

System Analytics

We combine System Theory with machine learning for root cause analysis and detect faults occurring in a process line of manufacturing industries.

We assimilate data and provide customized prediction software that would predict downtime or any faults in the system using data analytics, for preventive maintenance, thus increasing productivity.

Image Analytics

We use Big Data analytics on large digital image data sets for medical diagnostics, crack fault detection, tracking an object in real time video.

We create an image database and deliver customized software solutions using open source software support. We engineer robust software using fast classification that can potentially run on a basic laptop.

NLP Analytics

We provide Big Data analytics solutions on public or social media for understanding human response on certain topics.

We customize solutions based on sentiment analysis. We use fuzzy logic based software and provide robust reporting.

Sales and Marketing Analytics

We provide Big Data analytics solutions on sales data for marketing enhancement and supply chain optimization.

We transform data into a meaningful business matrix. We create customized software that identifies a pattern in the data set and predicts outcome which can be used for demand analysis, resource allocation and prioritization.

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